US Open Source Party Update/Voluntary Collaborationism

by Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius

US Open Source Party has started welcoming new members since posting an article titled Introducing the United States Open Source Party on Medium.  You can sign on here

Hank Pellessier has quit the Transhumanist Party (TP) and joined OSP. Hank was Secretary for TP.  Their presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan, is riding across America in an “immortality bus” made to look like a coffin. Hank discusses his decision here.

My update of a 2011 article titled Voluntary Collaborationism (VC) also appeared on the same website. In the piece, I discuss OSP as an example of VC.

Here are a few excerpts

I think Open Source politics, with its implicit promise to make transparent most aspects of currency/capital flow, may lead us towards solutions that are robust, agile and fair to all. A platform position that might be a raw start leading towards this might be something along the lines of “Democratize the Fed.”

…cultural forms will have their moments of iridescence and, eventually, people will start to dislike them just for being around too long.  This is a manifestation of a deep dissatisfaction — an itch that can’t be scratched by cultural expressions and groovy new identities. People are (mostly unconsciously) pissed off when the new cultural thing can’t deliver real social/political/economic change and a fairer distribution of power.

Read the entire thing here