OSP Update #2, Krist Novoselic Advocating 4 FairVote, OSP Members are Voting

OSP cofounder Krist Novoselic spoke in Minneapolis Minnesota on behalf of FairVote. Here is an interview with him in the local Minneapolis/St. Paul paper, The Daily Planet

Krist will also be on on “Kennedy” Wednesday night at 8pET/5PT on Fox Business Network. He will be discussing FairVote’s Ranked Choice Voting plan for the United States House of Representatives. Lawrence Lessig, who is running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, has adopted this as part of his reform proposal.

OSP cofounder Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius will be speaking at “The Future of Politics” conference on October 18, at Humanist Hall, in Oakland. The event will take place on a Sunday from 10:30am- 6:00 pm. His topic will be “Hybrid Politics: Left, Libertarian, Futurist & Open Source.” There are lots of speakers so the talk will be brief.  Learn more here.

Meanwhile, with new membership, OSP has opened up for debate and voting on platforms, policies and endorsements. While it may seem a bit premature, it could be helpful to add some flesh to the bare bones of the OSP principles. And it’s proved to be an excellent way of getting people engaged.

We have already had votes on proposals.We need to have a vote itself on what the rules are for passing a proposal. Some of the votes end without at least 50% of our members voting. We need to decide what a quorum is for passing a vote.

If you support our principles, join us to learn more and become engaged.