Announcement from the Chairman: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Hello, US Open Source Party supporters!

First of all, thank you all for supporting the party.

And no, we haven’t disappeared, but we are kind of chilling during this holiday season – gathering strength for the coming year, which will be a busy one.

Goals for the upcoming year include:

  1. Formalizing our existence as a political party/organization
  2. Clarifying our principles and goals
  3. Defining and adopting platforms
  4. Endorsing legislation, candidates and political activist positions that align with the principles of US OSP
  5. Incubating some of our own candidates and campaigns by the 2016 election cycle
  6. Gaining mass membership that will make our advocacy, endorsements and so forth potent.
  7. Raising the funds necessary to run a dynamic political organization.
  8. Forming a research and educational arm that can help us elucidate our advocacy.

Our elected leadership for the coming year

Chairman: Ken Goffman (aka R.U. Sirius) @rusirius
Vice Chairman: Jon Lebkowsky @jonl
Secretary: Krist Novoselic @kristnov
Member: Ryan Asburt @ryan
Member: Kelly Bell @yarnspotting

If you have not participated in our party, here is a brief account of how we are currently operating. We use Slack as a way for a forum of communication. We can propose and vote on platform planks, resolutions, bylaws and other policy positions on Loomio. Our by-laws, that have passed, are on GitHub. Please consider joining our endeavor and engaging these resources.

We look forward to the coming year.

Ken Goffman