Open Source Party is not just an electoral effort

Given some responses to our first Medium piece, this segment from our original Statement of Purpose, is worth repeating:

…we aim to disperse power by way of an informed and connected citizenry engaging our public institutions so that they must respond to our voices. Our web site and mobile applications will enable Open Source Party to grow and become a dominant force in politics, providing citizen-launched initiatives, fact checking, discourse, and achieving results via activism and by pushing for legislation.

Open Source Party will also foster scientifically literate examinations of the major crisis points in our states, our country and the world, bringing together experts with common citizens in online and real world forums with the purpose of suggesting critical paths to resolving these problems.

Open Source Party intends to become part of the electoral process through fusing with or endorsing electoral candidates and fielding candidates of our own.

We believe that by being responsive to the implicit potentials of communications technologies as they occur; by being open to a diversity of voices from below; and embracing hybrid vigor in political views, Open Source Party can provide the vessel for the reform we need to open up our political system.    As we build the Open Source Party we want everyone who agrees with all or most of what we propose here to sign up as a member. In the future, we may refine our membership to exclude people with other electoral party affiliations, but for now, dual membership is welcomed.

The full original statement of purpose is here.