Original Statement of Purpose

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The Open Source Party USA is exploring an association and online effort that is a new type of political party dedicated to unifying citizens who support greater governmental transparency, increased democratic participation and a defense of basic civil liberties.

Built around the technological concept of Open Source, we see the Open Source Party as a platform via which citizens can get access to maximum information and participation in the decisions that impact our lives.

The shadowy and expensive processes of seeking and holding political power via scheming political consultants, antiquated and secretive political parties and bought-and-sold candidates have become detrimental to progress.

Open Source Party intends to overcome the current political parties’ arcane methodologies and pseudo-ideologies/distractions by using the currently available means of communication to create a unifying bottom-up political voice that can balance all our wildly diverse views while keeping an eye on our common intention — to bring about the end of secretive elite politics and deliver increased liberty and power to the people. We intend to empower citizens in a fair, free and open society in which we seek to balance values of liberty, an informed citizenry, general welfare, justice and tranquility in a more perfect union.

The Open Source movement has its roots in a culture of sharing, standards, and mutual support, even among competitors. The Open Source philosophy has demonstrably fostered innovation and growth within software and web development industries. A precursor is the sharing of patents and standards by automobile manufacturers via the Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. Open Source party will similarly emphasize a cooperative and commons-based approach to governance, and will avoid the dehumanizing partisan polarization that has paralyzed governance in the early 21st century.

Using technology, our aim is to provide a powerful, collective voice to citizens in real-time with electronic communications, information tools and social media as fundamental drivers of change. We recognize a transparent, more productive and inclusive political association as a fundamental right and expectation by all.

We aim to disperse power by way of an informed and connected citizenry engaging our public institutions so that they must respond to our voices. Our web site and mobile applications will enable Open Source Party to grow and become a dominant force in politics, providing citizen-launched initiatives, fact checking, discourse, and achieving results via activism and by pushing for legislation.

Open Source Party will also foster scientifically literate examinations of the major crisis points in our states, our country and the world, bringing together experts with common citizens in online and real world forums with the purpose of suggesting critical paths to resolving these problems.

Open Source Party intends to become part of the electoral process through fusing with or endorsing electoral candidates and fielding candidates of our own.

We believe that by being responsive to the implicit potentials of communications technologies as they occur; by being open to a diversity of voices from below; and embracing hybrid vigor in political views, Open Source Party can provide the vessel for the reform we need to open up our political system.

While Open Source Party wants to leave most of its political ideals and intentions to party participants, we do want to set a few policy and exploratory guideposts. We want greater governmental transparency, increased democratic participation through election reform and a defense of basic civil liberties.

As we build the Open Source Party we want everyone who agrees with all or most of what we propose here to sign on as a member. In the future, we may refine our membership to exclude people with other electoral party affiliations.

9 thoughts on “Original Statement of Purpose”

  1. What’s the call to action here? How can I join?

    Open Source principles apply naturally to one’s whole life (incl government), as anyone who works in Ooen Source Sofrware quickly experiences. It’s definitely A Better Way. See also: Liquid Democracy, as a tool for fostering and managing OS govt. I’m happy to see the formal beginning of this; it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Kudos!

    1. We want to foster state and local chapters to be involved in electoral politics. We want to make policy proposals based on good information. We are in the process of obtaining a media tool for better collaboration that includes you!!! Should know more by the end of the week.

      The call for action is to spread the word.


  2. How do I sign on as a member? What can I do to support the cause? It’s definitely time for change!

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